For staining we offer 6 standard colours, shown in the photo below.


The colours from left to right are:
Clear/ Raw, Nordic, Light Walnut, Dark Walnut, Mahogany and Black
The bottom row is stained with a clear coat finish, the top row is stain only.  Please note there may be variation between stain batches and across raw materials.  Solid wood and ply do have different surface and grain textures and therefore may display some variation in colour when stained.



Flocking is a lining which is small fibers that are applied to a glue via an electric field.

Flocking can be done on the inside or the base of the box or can be done to internal inserts.

It also can be done with most PMS colours, please contact us for further information.




We also can provide boxes with foam inserts in a grey medium density.

These foam inserts can also be flocked with your chosen colour.

 We are happy to discuss your specific requirements to provide the most cost effective packaging solution.