Branding Options

Hot Stamping 

Hot Stamping uses an etched metal plate that is heated and stamped into the wood or ply surfaces (not suitable for acrylic) leaving a burnt impression. This is our most popular branding option as this produces a “rustic” effect that works well with the wood surfaces. This process can also be used in conjunction with staining to produce an aged effect.

Laser Engraving

Uses a laser to burn the image into the timber or acrylic, without the need to create a hot stamp.


Mainly used for small quantities.

Screen Printing

Black, white or colour screen print on wood, ply or acrylic surfaces.

Digital Printing 

Prints onto the timber like a commercial printer. Suitable for multi colour logo’s.

Hot Foil

Similar to hot stamping, however it presses a foil (Red, Silver, Gold, Black etc) foil into the timber.